Our Mission:

• To strengthen the links between cultural and arts organisations/institutions in various countries

• To organise the international cultural and artists exchange programme

• To efficiently utilise cultural and artistic resources

• To explore new areas of cultural and artistic activities

• To promote and enhance the confidence of Chinese culture and arts

Years of groundwork preparation to form a society for the above mission is finally approved by Singapore's Ministry of Home Affair in January this year. The official registration number of the Society is UENT18SS0013L.

The main leading members of our society (FOWCAAS) have been active in the cultural and art milieu for many years and regularly organise and participate in the planning of local and international cultural and art events.

At present, the society has established contacts with organisations and individuals in more than 70 countries around the world. The society can be a channel to facilitate the connection between organisations and individuals, by uniting everyone's strengths to achieve a collective goal for the development and exploration of culture and art.

We are launching an official announcement of our Inaugural Ceremony and Exhibition on 26 August 2018 titled “One Belt and One Road”, together with international cultural and artistic celebrities. A renowned Guest of Honour will grace the opening ceremony.

The committee will also compile and publish a commemorative edition of the “One Belt and One Road” in conjunction with the exhibition. Contents of the book include gathering the messages from all the international cultural and arts organisations, the alliance partner, and the introduction of various organisations whose missions are devoted to promoting the culture of the world.

This unique commemorative edition book will be distributed to more than 70 countries and regions. This demonstrates the mutual understanding, friendship and the enthusiasm amongst fraternity organisations, individuals, and extend our collective consensus mission in promoting the cultural and art activities in the years ahead.

We look forward to the guidance and support from all friends and partners.

16 March 2018

Federation of World Cultural and Art Society (Singapore)